Year 8 Selective School Test Preparation & Trial Tests

At Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre, our students aim high. Our Year 8 selective school tutoring targets four of the country’s most renowned institutions – Melbourne High School, Mac Robertson Girls High School, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School. Edu Kingdom’s experienced tutors have conducted a comprehensive survey of recent Trial Test questions to map question trends and identify shifts in subject focus. This enables them to provide personalised advice and coaching to each student depending on their school of choice.

The Year 8 Trial Test course focuses on the six key skills – reading comprehension, mathematics, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, creative written expression and persuasive written expression – that will give each student a solid foundation, enabling them to adapt to an increasingly diverse and often unpredictable selection of potential test questions.

The written components of the Trial Test have escalated in difficulty, demanding from students incisive, clear and concise writing that put across thoughtful arguments and complex ideas. In response to this trend, Edu-Kingdom adopts highly participative curriculums with every student encouraged to speak their mind on topics of current interest. As your child becomes comfortable articulating his views with sophisticated vocabulary and piercing clarity, his powers of expression, whether written or verbal will correspondingly improve and emerges not just a scholar, but an independent and critical thinker too.

Our test courses draw on a specially curated database of challenging past-year questions, similar test papers and diagnostic assessments. Each student benefits from a computerised marking system which allows for sophisticated data analysis, ensuring our tutors can help each student identify weak areas for reinforcement before the big test day comes.

Our convenient locations across most regional areas in Victoria including Melbourne make us easily accessible to all students. Book your free assessment today