Experienced & Qualified Maths tutor

Your search for an experienced & qualified Maths tutor ends here. Our tutors are dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of Mathematics courses from Year 1 to VCE-level. Our training gives your child crucial support throughout his or her schooling years. Our students don’t just excel at Maths – they’ve learnt to love it.

Our modern Maths tutoring methods, regular assessments, proven and creative learning strategies for upcoming exams/test will build your child’s confidence in Maths with tremendous success. All students also get access to Maths answers/solutions via Edu-Kingdom website.

Our convenient Tution Centre locations across most regional areas in Victoria make us easily accessible to all students. Book your free assessment today!

Primary Level Maths Tuition Syllabus

Topics (Level 1-6)

• Number & Place value

• Money & Financial Mathematics

• Pattern & Algebra

• Fractions & Decimals

• Using Units of Measurement

• Shape

• Location & Transformation

• Geometric Reasoning

• Chance

• Data Representation & Interpretation

Our primary level Maths tutoring techniques use a variety of colourful and engaging hypothetical problems drawn from children’s spheres of everyday experiences. Our proven methods to teach Abstract, Numbers and Arithmetical concepts/models hone Mathematical skills in our students.

Edu-Kingdom’s research has consistently shown that secondary school students have significantly better understanding than the rest of their peers. Therefore, our year 6 students are given a head-start on level 7 subjects with the advanced curriculum used in our Accelerated Learning Classes.

Secondary Level Maths Tuition Syllabus

Topics (Level 7-10)

• Algebra & Equations

• Indices & Primes

• Ratios & Rates

• Coordinate Geometry

• Pythagora’s Theorem

• Geometry, Measurement & Trigonometry

• Calculus

• Graphs of linear & Nonlinear Relation

• Quadratic Functions

• Financial Mathematics

• Polynomials

• Trigonometry

• Probability & Statistics

• Data Representation & Interpretation

Note: Maths topic complexity is increasing with every higher level to cover all aspects of the subject in detail.

At Secondary level, Edu-Kingdom Maths tutoring services offer carefully designed study program to support complex Math topics like – Logarithms, Calculus, Matrix, Algebra & more.

Students are prepared for exam conditions, stress and time management. Rigorous simulated test conditions prepare our students to solve complex Math problems under time pressures, ensuring that examination conditions feel familiar and unintimidating by the time exam season rolls around.

Our experienced Math tutors strive to stimulate their student’s creativity by discussing the potentially infinite application of Maths concepts.

VCE Maths Exam Preparation – Year 11 & 12

1. Mathematical Methods Units 1&2 and 3&4

• Functions & Graphs

• Algebra

• Calculus

• Probability & Statistics

2. Specialist Mathematics Units 1&2

• Arithmetic & Number

• Geometry, Measurement & Trigonometry

• Graphs of linear & Nonlinear Relation

• Statistics

3. Specialist Mathematics Units 3&4

• Functions and Graphs

• Algebra

• Calculus

• Vectors

• Mechanics

• Probability and Statistics

At the Victorian Certificate of Education, for VCE Maths level, we offer unparalleled support in Maths Methods CAS and Special Maths units. Our Maths tutors boast the highest qualifications at the graduate and often postgraduate level and are well-equipped to help your child. Whether it’s the Factorisation of Polynomials, your child can be assured of superb guidance, patient teaching and excellent preparation for further studies in Mathematics.

Maths Test Papers & Study Material

The enormous importance of Mathematics is underscored by the presence of a Mathematical component on every major Australian academic test. Our coaching college, therefore, offers specialised tutoring services for:

• Year 6 Scholarship/SEALP Test Preparation (plus online material)

• Year 8 Selective School Test Preparation (plus online material)

• Year 9 John Monash Science School Test Preparation.

Training materials are pitched one level of difficulty higher than the actual test questions, ensuring that your child will easily be able to cope under the pressure of these rigorous exams. Their performance is meticulously analysed using our computerised marking system to identify strengths and weaknesses of our students.

Mathematics doesn’t have to be intimidating, abstract or difficult. When it’s taught patiently and expertly, with a healthy dose of real-world context, it can be the most fascinating of academic disciplines.