Highly Qualified Science Tutors

Highly qualified Science tutors available to help your child achieve their academic goals. Our teachers have developed a program of fully comprehensive science courses. This carefully planned path will take your child all the way through the world of scientific education, starting in primary school, all the way through to university. These courses cover a full spectrum of the three core science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Why Choose Edu-Kingdom for Science Tutoring?

• Experienced Physics, Biology & Chemistry tutors to strengthen your Science fundamentals.

• Result driven tailored VCE and selective school science tutoring programs.

We believe it’s never too early to start teaching science to children. At its core, science is really about intellectual curiosity. It’s about asking “Why?” and never accepting “I don’t know” as an answer. All children are curious. They want to know why you’re making them eat vegetables. They want to know why a day lasts 24 hours. They want to know why ice melts, why ships sink and boats float. In short, they’re born scientists! At Edu-Kingdom College our science tutors offer a vast array of science tuition courses that will nurture that innate potential, making young explorers, scientists, and inventors of every student.

Primary School Science Tutoring

Edu-Kingdom’s science tutoring services start from Year 6, onwards. Building on the strong foundational skills we impart to our students in Years 1 to 5 English, Mathematics, and Reasoning courses, to teach them a new way of looking at the world. This may seem early – most schools don’t start science classes until Year 7 – but child psychologists have found a consistent link between early-age science education and the cognitive skills children develop later in life. Science classes aren’t just about imparting knowledge. They also imbue children with crucial and highly versatile skills, including persuasive writing, logical deduction, and the art of effective communication.

Our primary-school, science tuition classes offer an optimal blend of hands-on learning, and classroom teaching. It capitalises on the natural inquisitiveness of young children, by making constant reference to real-world phenomena. Children will leave the tuition centre wide-eyed and open-minded. The best lessons are often found outside of the classroom – but those lessons can only be learnt if you ask the right questions. Edu-Kingdom enables its students the potential to do just that.

Secondary School Science Tutoring

The Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre aims to equip each, and every student with the training needed to achieve academic excellence in science. From Years 7 to 10, our class curriculums closely mirror that of the secondary school syllabus in terms of subject selection. This ensures a seamless transition from Edu-Kingdom’s private tutoring services, to school examinations.

However, our tutors don’t stop there. These passionate science educators aim to go even further, beyond the confines of the textbooks, to explore pressing questions, great debates, and challenging concepts in the scientific world. Your child won’t just be a science student. The Edu-Kingdom will give them the tools that they need to be a scientist.

This strategy really comes to the fore in Year 10, when the general science curriculum subdivides into Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Your child will be guided by Edu-Kingdom’s specialised tutors, many of them with postgraduate degrees in these important subjects.

Our comprehensive classes give students maximum exposure to these subjects, enabling them to discover their passion for science, and get them thinking about their discipline of choice:

Secondary school marks the stage where teenagers are starting to contemplate their future careers. This makes it the perfect time to delve into the inner workings of research labs, and the real-world application of scientific concepts. Many a student has left our classrooms dreaming of a career in science. Your child could be a microbiologist, pharmaceutical researcher or, an astrophysicist – with our tutoring, not even the sky will be the limit!