English Power Writing Courses

For students who wish to focus on enhancing their writing skills, Edu-Kingdom’s English tutors have put together specific Power Writing course. The overarching aim is for students to be comfortable writing about a wide variety of genres, ranging from expositions to fictional narratives.

Students will first learn by observation. They will get exposure to the reports from leading newspapers, passages from award-winning novels and essays from academic journals. These passages are carefully dissected by tutors to highlight new stylistic techniques, pick out hard words that your child can add his or her vocabulary arsenal and recognise key features of different text genres.

They get the opportunity to put their newfound techniques into practice with an exciting range of writing assignments. They might be asked to put themselves in the shoes of a fictional narrator or a journalist breaking a global news story. Our English tutors go the extra mile to remind every student that their opinions and insights are valuable and therefore deserve to be communicated in the most convincing way possible. Our students gain the confidence to express themselves; therefore, become a power writer.

The English language provides a universal link between students from different histories, cultures and countries. Mastery of English is essential for academic, career and interpersonal success. As a coaching college that prides itself on preparing students not just for school, but for life, Edu-Kingdom places English education at the forefront of its syllabus. Whether your child is a non-native speaker or an avid reader, he or she will get the expert guidance he or she needs to become a fluent and confident communicator!